Thursday, 29 May 2014

Avon glimmer sticks.

Now i'm not a huge lover of loads of make-up. In fact i don't wear any at all anymore maybe a bit of mascara. This is mainly due to having children and not being able to make it out of the house in time for the school run most mornings. BUT i love these glitter sticks from Avon.
I brought these little beauties on a whim, i had a Avon catalog through my door, and due to my compulsive shopping habits i just had to buy something. I came across these and as i was going out the following weekend i thought the colors would go perfect with what i was wearing.
They are long lasting colored eye lines with glitter, i prefer to use them on the tops of my eye lids with jet black mascara to really open my eyes and give them a dramatic look. They come in a rage of different colors, my fave is sugar plum and sparkling silver, i normally wear them both together.
Whatever style of make up you prefer these are a fab and a great companion for your makeup bag! And the best bit? They are only 6.00, even better they are often on offer i brought mine for 1.50 each.

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