Thursday, 29 May 2014

My weekend trainging to be a Doula.

Doula definition - a woman who gives support, help, and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth. Back in late 2012 i decided i wanted to become part of a support network for pregnant and laboring women. I searched online, i contacted hospitals but nothing much came of it. The hospitals couldn't have me unless i was training due to confidentiality, but after a few more weeks researching i finally found a course online which is called nurturing birth. I visited the nurturing birth website and i found out they were doing a course about 2 hours away from me and decided to apply, i am so glad i did. i was accepted and i went along with an open mind. The course was run from the Thursday until the Sunday late afternoon. During the course you learn all about labor, how to be the best support for women, breastfeeding amongst other things. After the course you have to fill in two essays and you were done! Once you are all complete you can register for the website, you then are put with an experienced Doula who will show you the ropes and guide you whilst you attend various births and then write essays on them. Sadly i didn't manage to get that far as i decided to pursue other opportunities that popped up. I am now looking in the Powys area for women that may need support during their labor and do not wait to pay an awful lot of money and someone that doesn't mind a trainee Doula to whiteness and support her birth. If you are interested please contact me. I would love to manage to become an experienced Doula eventually. And for anyone else thinking of giving it ago, do it! its a fantastic thing to do!

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