Sunday, 3 August 2014

Well its been a while...

Firstly i want to appologise for being super quiet on the blogging front recently, I felt I needed to take time out to get everything organised for the new arrival, also unfortunately my laptop has broken :(

I'm currently updating from my samsung galaxy, so sorry if my posts are a bit dodgy - not one of the best phones!

Tomorrow I will be 36weeks pregnant, hurrah! Only just over 4 weeks to go.
I feel like I have been pregnant for years, thankfully im on the home stretch.

Over the last few days I have been extreme nesting, im sure I have deleloped some sort of OCD.
My days have consisted of cleaning over two hours a day, and as you can imagine its the school holidays so its hard to keep up to the standard I want it too be.
Im hoovering upto three times a day, even when its not needed, im hoping this will go away when I have my baby and not turn into such a habbit im obsessing over it.

Now I have reached week 36 I am also aware of how "large" I am, I have managed to go up two dress sizes during my pregnancy eek! But because I have only put on weight around my stomach area im hoping it will be easier to loose than with my first!

This week I have been getting extremly bad backache, I dont remember anything this bad with my first,  im hoping that means things are progressing nicely and that I might not have long to wait ;) apart from that I actually don't feel pregnant which is sad as I know im going to miss the feeling of feeling my baby kick when I finally give birth.

My hospital bag is packed, all babys things are washed and fresh so now it is just a waiting game. If this baby comes as early as my first did, then a week today I will be holding her in my arms. I cant wait to meet my little girl. ♡