Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My hospital bag...

Ok ladies, although i should know this as this is not my first child, i have forgotten what to pack in my hospital bags oops!
i have read lots of blog posts on hospital bags to get ideas and this is what i have come up with. Please let me know if i am missing anything.
i have probably packed way too much, but as i had a c-section with my first LO and was in hospital 3 weeks, and the chance of it happening again likely i have tried to prepare myself as much as possible as the nearest hospital is 1hr away.
For me:
. socks x 3
. Pjs x 1
. nightie x3
. slippers
. maternity jeans
. jogging bottoms
. 2 tops
. 4x disposable maternity knickers
. 4 pairs of normal cotton knickers
. toiletries - hairbrush, hair bobbles, hair clips, shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, flannel. comb, deodorant.
. carrier bags for dirty clothing
. compact mirror
. 2x maternity pads
For baby:
. body suit x4
. sleepsuit x4
. babyoutfits 2xtops 2xleggings 2xsocks . baby blanket
. 2x muslin cloths
. 1 baby coat
. 1pack of newborn nappies
. 1x babywipes
Things yet to pack :
. towels
. dressing gown
. bottles
. baby milk
. maternity bra's
. maternity notes
. mobile phone charger
. purse/money for hospital/parking
. breast pads
Please comment below if you can think of anything i have missed. thankyou.


  1. *Consults the contents of my bag* Flip flops, body wipes for if you can't get to a shower, baby mittens? I've been told not to take milk as hospital will provide if not bf, I have also packed lucozade and cereal bars, change for car park... It seems endless!xx

  2. Thankyou.
    Not sure on my hospitals baby milk policy i didnt think about that! do you think i will need to take bottles then?! mmm... it sure does seem endless! mine and the babys things defo aint going to fit in my suitcase!!
    Snacks is a fab idea i forgot about that! x

  3. Snacks, lipbalm, water spray, phone, tablet - iPad etc, camera.

    I would also have a back up bag just incase. I was in hospital for 2 days in early labour and then little man was in scbu for 10 days. I didn't leave the hospital for the entire time and some of the items my husband brought in for me were hysterical.

    I'll do a post if you like about what I needed for my extended stay

  4. Hi i would pack more pads and baby wipes. I also had camera, book/magazines. A good place to look for checklist for bag is www.barycentre.co.uk or baby magazines. The hospital i was in had mini bottles of milk that you just attached the teat to you wont need bottles etc as you wouldn't be able to sterilise them but each hospital may have own policy your midwife will be able to clarify that for you. Hope that helps take care

  5. I would pack more maternity pads...if that's 2 rather than 2 packs!!! I nearly ran out. Also as above I had a back up bag at home so when I was kept in hubby just brought it in and had extra pads (breast and maternity), nappies, wipes etc. That way you don't need to take 3 bags like I did! I took snacks as well for me and hubby for while I was in labour. I took far too much but best to be prepared! I didn't take milk as I was planning on bf, but if you're going to formula feed get the pre-prepared milk (ideally with the teats you just screw on the end) as our hospital won't allow hot water to make up the powder milk or sterilize. I needed nipple shields and formula once I left hospital but just sent hubby out to get it during the midwife visit. GOOD LUCK!

  6. That would be great lorcansmummy if you would please and send me the link :) xx

    Thank you ccrainbowflowers and adventuresofanunpreparedmother. That was two pack of maternity pads rather than just two hehe! however i have taken your advice and brought some more, 3 more packs in fact!

    I didn't think of baby wipes due to the fact i was told they wont let you use them in the hospital it has to be cotton wool and water? I have been told so many different things its confusing!

    I will have to double check on the hospitals policy's i think i will ring up soon and inquire! thank you ladies!