Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A little more about me...

Firstly, thank you for popping by to visit my blog!

I have always had a keen interest in reading other peoples blogs, particularly parenting ones. I have been thinking of setting up my own blog for a while now, and i thought this would be the perfect time.I am expecting baby number two in september, and i thought this would be a great place to document my childrens milestones aswell as express my opinions on various subjects. I must add that no names will be mentioned in my blog due to various reasons, but i hope you enjoy!

I am a twenty somthing women that lives in wales, i currently work in a elderly care home but will be leaving soon to go on maternity leave. I have a five year old son, and i am expecting baby number two on the second of september 2014. I am currently a single mother due to reasons beyond my control, however i think this makes me a much stronger person and i cope just fine.

As a single working mother of soon to be two i dont have much time for anything else, however if i do get any spare time i like to read blogs, i like to dine out with friends, and taste good wine! I love clothing and shopping so expect to see some clothes or beauty reviews soon.

All my views and opinions are my own. I do not get paid to write any of my blog posts.

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