Thursday, 29 May 2014

Disney Condor Travel System.

Ok.. so we've all established i have gone a bit overboard on buying baby items, but a baby NEEDS a travel system right? So here is ours! I brought this travel system before finding out i was having a girl, if i had known i would have probably brought some over the top pink frilly thing that everyone refused to push. This was a display model in a shop so i got it very cheap at around 230pounds, i have seen some online for nearly 400. This Travel system came with the carry cot (mattress incl) car seat, changing bag and obviously converts into a pushchair for when they are older. I really love this design, and i loved the mickey mouse design too. Its great quality and sturdy. Although i have ordered a new changing bag as i wanted to add a bit of color and i think the bag that came with it was rather small for all my junk! All in all i love it, and i have read some great reviews online. However weather it will withstand me ramming it up curbs while juggling 6 bags of shopping and dragging a 5 year old behind me is another question...!

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