Sunday, 3 August 2014

Well its been a while...

Firstly i want to appologise for being super quiet on the blogging front recently, I felt I needed to take time out to get everything organised for the new arrival, also unfortunately my laptop has broken :(

I'm currently updating from my samsung galaxy, so sorry if my posts are a bit dodgy - not one of the best phones!

Tomorrow I will be 36weeks pregnant, hurrah! Only just over 4 weeks to go.
I feel like I have been pregnant for years, thankfully im on the home stretch.

Over the last few days I have been extreme nesting, im sure I have deleloped some sort of OCD.
My days have consisted of cleaning over two hours a day, and as you can imagine its the school holidays so its hard to keep up to the standard I want it too be.
Im hoovering upto three times a day, even when its not needed, im hoping this will go away when I have my baby and not turn into such a habbit im obsessing over it.

Now I have reached week 36 I am also aware of how "large" I am, I have managed to go up two dress sizes during my pregnancy eek! But because I have only put on weight around my stomach area im hoping it will be easier to loose than with my first!

This week I have been getting extremly bad backache, I dont remember anything this bad with my first,  im hoping that means things are progressing nicely and that I might not have long to wait ;) apart from that I actually don't feel pregnant which is sad as I know im going to miss the feeling of feeling my baby kick when I finally give birth.

My hospital bag is packed, all babys things are washed and fresh so now it is just a waiting game. If this baby comes as early as my first did, then a week today I will be holding her in my arms. I cant wait to meet my little girl. ♡

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pregnancy week 27.

Since I have hit the 25week mark this pregnancy has flown by! Im very greatful for this, I found out I was pregnant at only 4-5weeks along so its dragged out and I'm getting a little fed up already!

Today I am 27weeks and 4 days pregnant.

My little girl has been moving loads more than normal and has decided she rather enjoys staying on my right side of my belly. This makes the right side stick out, although not as much so everyone else can notice ... yet!

This week my girl must have had a growth spurt! I don't just feel her kicks anymore, I feel summer-saults and general moving about, including her hiccups!!

My baby is 36.6cm from crown to heel this week, and will be opening her eyes soon if she hasn't already! This makes it all sound very real!

On Tuesday its hard to believe I will be in my third trimester. I have finished work (my last day was Friday 6th of June) so I'm getting everything ready.

I am so organized this time, If my little girl would come tomorrow I wouldn't need to go out to get anything I have even got the baby milk! I have also got my hospital bag packed, however I just need to add a few bits when I go shopping.
I think I'm obsessed with getting everything ready earlier because I was born at 26weeks, and my son was nearly a month early. My midwife said that it may well run in the family, this took me into panic mode!

Ive also been extreme nesting, moving my living room around, bleaching everything... I thought it was to early for nesting yet!

I cant wait to see what next week brings!