Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My pregnancy up to 26 weeks.

As i have only just started up this blog this will actually be my first pregnancy post, so i will give you a quick idea of whats been happening so far. I found out i was pregnant on boxing day, at five weeks! it was a huge shock as the pregnancy wasn't planned however we are very excited! I was a little concerned about the baby's well-being due to having a few G&T's over the Christmas period but thankfully all is well. I went for my 12week scan on the 17th of February 2014, it was so surreal seeing a baby on the screen. I thought i would know what to expect after having my first child, however it was surprising how much i forgot in five years! I was told i was due on September the 2nd 2014, i had a smile to myself as that's only 2 days before my first son was due, however he ended up being born on august the 12th 2008! I decided to go for a 4D scan at BabyVision on the 29th march 2014,this was the day before mothers day so was very fitting! I was 17+5 weeks.(pictures to be added below) I regret not having the 4D scan with my first child, it was amazing, you could see every detail even though the baby was hiding! I decided i wanted to find out the gender of my baby, i told the lady and she started trying to peer between its legs, (haha) however the baby had tucked it's self in a corner and refused to move! She suggested i went outside to drink some water and try and get the baby to move, so there i was in the middle of nowhere doing star jumps to encourage to baby to move! When i went back in the sonogram revealed baby hadn't moved much despite my efforts(stubbon!) however she could just make out i was having a... GIRL! I was, and still am very excited to be having a little girl, this is going to be my last child, so one of each is fab! After the 4D scan i went shopping for baby clothes, it was really strange thinking i was buying for my baby, i don't think it had really sunk in i was having another, it was like i was looking at someone else's baby on the screen! I went with a friend and we ended up getting lots of cute tops and dresses (even though she will be due in Autumn/winter) since then she has built up quite a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes! I did buy lots of items, however i got most of the items second hand off a lovely lady who lives by me. I brought everything a newborn needs clothing wise (tights,coats,sleep suits etc..) off her for fifteen pound, bargain! Since then i have had lots of other bargains which i will feature in a later post as there is too many! 2 weeks after that i went for my 20week scan and has it confirmed that i was having a girl. The baby's developing normally and everything looks great, i'm so excited! I had a difficult birth with my first child, (in short, i ended up having an emergency c-section and hemorrhaged) because of this i have an appointment with a consultant on the 12th of June 2014 (two days before my birthday) to find out what he suggests for this birth. I am hoping that he will support me in having a VBAC, but i will post more about that after I've spoken to him. I felt my first baby kicks much earlier this time, i think it was about 14,15 weeks but i was SURE they were baby kicks by 16 weeks :) my little girl is very active, and very predictable between 7-7.30 am, 1pm and 5 and 7 i can feel her kicking loads, i hope she is going to keep this routine and possibly sleep well during the night? I have got a name picked out for her, but i am currently keeping that under wraps, although my 5year old helped me choose it so i'm not sure how long that will stay a mystery!

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