Thursday, 29 May 2014

The TRUTH about pregnancy...(sensitive content)

Pregnancy, what a wonderful thing... and it is, when you are wearing your rose tinted glasses..
Don't get me wrong, I'm not pretending i don't get moments of happiness and excitement. However i am not going to sit here and try to convince myself pregnancy is all laughs and giggles lets face it its not.
Not only do you suffer months of morning sickness, huge bouts of fatigue (in my case) dry skin, spots... you have to deal with swollen feet and all that embarrassing stuff like extra wind (come on ladies, own up!) and leaking nipples!
And lets face it, who really wants to listen to other annoying people (i'm sure they are lovely in reality) asking if you are REALLY SURE there is only ONE in there... if you are married and say things like, "oh here come the sleepless nights!," yes yes i know there only trying to make conversation and help but come on!!
Lets not forget, the frustrating wait for baby to arrive, wondering when its going to happen. When is your waters going to break, or most importantly where, is it going to be somewhere embarrassing like a Tesco supermarket where staff have to come running with a mop? (this is very unlikely to happen)
Extreme nesting.. having to re-pack your hospital bag 46 times to make sure everything is there. And obviously you have to be extremely happy all of the time, because after all you are expecting..
Pregnancy is hard, and no one warns you of that, but of course there are incredible, beautiful moments too. There really is nothing like feeling your child moving inside you, and having that ever growing bond, but growing a human has really been one of the hardest things i have had to do. ever. Feel free to add your own comments below!

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