Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My changing bag!

I purchased my changing bag today, Hurrah! I have been looking since i got pregnant for a lovely changing bag that i loved, was big enough for everything i need and didn't cost the earth. It was harder than i thought, i found a gorgeous pink lining bag however the one i wanted wasn't being made anymore and was selling used (with marks etc) for 50+ on eBay, so it was back to the drawing board!
I finally decided on this little beauty, This bag is from Avon. It is large enough to fit what i will need in with 3 pockets on the front, a zip fastening, 4 internal pockets and an adjustable/removable strap. Ideal! the bag is approx 31.2cm x 50cm x 14cm.Polyester. (according to the website) I liked this bag as it wasn't plain and boring and added a bit of color to my plan-ish looking travel system (i will review that in another post) This only cost me 18pound which i think is a bargain! I haven't filled it yet as i'm still waiting for my princess.I carried around a lot with my first child. Items included a change of clothes, bottles of milk, nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream, nappy bags, suncream (you never know when you might get that rare summery day)spare blankets, teething gel, toys for entertainment and i'm sure there were other items along with my purse phone and keys! That's a lot to fit in a small bag and i didn't want to have more than one to have to carry around so i think this is perfect! I would love to know what items other mums carry around with them in their bags, and where they purchased their changing bags from! you can buy this bag here :


  1. My mum bought me that same bag! I haven't actually used it yet though as I already had a bag I bought myself and then the one you get free from the Boots parenting club x

  2. Thanks for the comment! :)
    I used the free boots one with my first but i wanted something with a big of colour as my travel system is grey too.. i love this!