Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Everybody loves a bargin...

I've got some great Baby Bargins so far.. i thought i would share them with you, i will also include links to items so you can buy it yourself wherever possible. I'll add reviews where possible!
This is a cot bed, i brought it from eBay for around 98pound, there was all different colors i love this! As i'm still pregnant i haven't used it yet, its being used as storage. The cot was easy to put together and came with the memory foam mattress included in the price brand new in packaging. There are two levels of height, currently on the highest level so i can store all my junk underneath! This will convert into a toddler bed when its needed.i personally think this was extremely cheap, but is very good quality and was delivered within 5 working days! i would recommend this to anyone!
I got this Emma's diary pack FREE! if you sign up to you can either download a voucher for the gift bag or if like me you haven't got a printer, they will send it you through the post if you haven't collected yours by a certain date. The bag is easy to collect, you can do so from any Boots or Argos store. The pack i received contained free full pack of baby wipes, small samples of sudacreme, sample pack of four mamia newborn nappies, vouchers, and leaflets with great information. There may have been more bits in this pack however i got it a while back so i cant remember but its defiantly worth picking up.
I brought this moses basket off a second hand website, i loved it. I payed 10pounds with it, it did come with mattress however i chucked that and brought a new one due to health and safety. you can buy a similar one here..
This is one of the many bits i brought from Tesco's They had a huge sale on and i brought this for 4pounds.. i also got matching shoes and tights, although i cant give you a link for this i can say that it is very good quality. I have always avoided buying things from supermarkets on the impression that it would be cheap material that wouldnt last very long but its very soft and looks fab! I would really recommend Tesco's baby clothing range and i plan to go back when they have another sale!
This 3 piece included a bodysuit, sleep suit and bib, i got this off eBay brand new it cost 18pound, i brought it for 4.50 so its really worth keeping your eye out on eBay and other second hand sites as you can get some real bargins! I will keep updating this post as and when i find our bargains!

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