Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Newborn checklist...

Hello Mummies/Mummies to be :)
I recently did a hospital bad checklist on my blog and shared it via twitter, i had some great feedback on what i had forgotten to pack, and what would be handy to pack. I thought i would do the same with my newborn baby check list too so i can see if i need anything else, i like to be prepared!
Things i have brought.
. Baby changing matt
. Newborn baby nappes x4 packs
. Newborn baby wips x4 packs
. Baby playgym
. Baby bouncer
. Bibs x12
. Baby socks x12
. Baby mittens x5
. Baby booties x5
. Tommee tipee bottles x 6
. Cold water sterilizer
. Sterilizing tablets x1pack of 26
. Cow & gate baby milk x1
. Baby calpol
. Nappy rash cream
. Dummies x4
. Bottle brush, teat cleaning brush. x1
. Milk powder despensers for traveling x4 in a pack
. Baby Moses basket and mattress
. Moses basket sheets x2
. Cot
. Cot sheets x2
. Baby blankets x9
. Newborn baby clothing + 0-3 months.
. Snowsuits up to 3-6 months x7
. Newborn coat x3
. Travel system, includes carry cot, carseat and pushchair.
. Baby monitors
. Baby bath
. Changing bag
Things still to get :
. Baby Sling
. More baby milk
. More baby newborn cardigans
. More moses basket sheets
. carrycot rsincover
. Baby cwtch/teddy
Anything i have missed? or anything you found usefull please leave a comment i would love to know!

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