Sunday, 1 June 2014

Having a child free weekend.

All mummies need a break right? Unless your supermum that is... so I jumped at an opportunity that my mother would have my 5year old son from wednesday night untill the Sunday afternoon. my son also visited his dad during this time.

Some of you will say im extremely lucky and I feel it. Although I was working two of the days, I still managed to fit in two lie ins, a meal with the girls and a girls night in with dvds. Although I really enjoyed it I felt completly lost.

When I was walking into town without DS I felt awkward, I didnt feel confident and just generally lost. I wondered if I had become so stuck in mummy mode I didnt know what it was like to be me again? Or to walk around without a little hand to hold. I had lost all confidence in myself wothout having my DS as backup.

Does anyone else feel like this?
Im wondering if it's going to get worse now im expecting baby number 2? Whatever the reason for my strange anxiety I wouldnt be without my beautiful children.x

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