Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pregnancy week 27.

Since I have hit the 25week mark this pregnancy has flown by! Im very greatful for this, I found out I was pregnant at only 4-5weeks along so its dragged out and I'm getting a little fed up already!

Today I am 27weeks and 4 days pregnant.

My little girl has been moving loads more than normal and has decided she rather enjoys staying on my right side of my belly. This makes the right side stick out, although not as much so everyone else can notice ... yet!

This week my girl must have had a growth spurt! I don't just feel her kicks anymore, I feel summer-saults and general moving about, including her hiccups!!

My baby is 36.6cm from crown to heel this week, and will be opening her eyes soon if she hasn't already! This makes it all sound very real!

On Tuesday its hard to believe I will be in my third trimester. I have finished work (my last day was Friday 6th of June) so I'm getting everything ready.

I am so organized this time, If my little girl would come tomorrow I wouldn't need to go out to get anything I have even got the baby milk! I have also got my hospital bag packed, however I just need to add a few bits when I go shopping.
I think I'm obsessed with getting everything ready earlier because I was born at 26weeks, and my son was nearly a month early. My midwife said that it may well run in the family, this took me into panic mode!

Ive also been extreme nesting, moving my living room around, bleaching everything... I thought it was to early for nesting yet!

I cant wait to see what next week brings!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Newborn checklist...

Hello Mummies/Mummies to be :)
I recently did a hospital bad checklist on my blog and shared it via twitter, i had some great feedback on what i had forgotten to pack, and what would be handy to pack. I thought i would do the same with my newborn baby check list too so i can see if i need anything else, i like to be prepared!
Things i have brought.
. Baby changing matt
. Newborn baby nappes x4 packs
. Newborn baby wips x4 packs
. Baby playgym
. Baby bouncer
. Bibs x12
. Baby socks x12
. Baby mittens x5
. Baby booties x5
. Tommee tipee bottles x 6
. Cold water sterilizer
. Sterilizing tablets x1pack of 26
. Cow & gate baby milk x1
. Baby calpol
. Nappy rash cream
. Dummies x4
. Bottle brush, teat cleaning brush. x1
. Milk powder despensers for traveling x4 in a pack
. Baby Moses basket and mattress
. Moses basket sheets x2
. Cot
. Cot sheets x2
. Baby blankets x9
. Newborn baby clothing + 0-3 months.
. Snowsuits up to 3-6 months x7
. Newborn coat x3
. Travel system, includes carry cot, carseat and pushchair.
. Baby monitors
. Baby bath
. Changing bag
Things still to get :
. Baby Sling
. More baby milk
. More baby newborn cardigans
. More moses basket sheets
. carrycot rsincover
. Baby cwtch/teddy
Anything i have missed? or anything you found usefull please leave a comment i would love to know!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My hospital bag...

Ok ladies, although i should know this as this is not my first child, i have forgotten what to pack in my hospital bags oops!
i have read lots of blog posts on hospital bags to get ideas and this is what i have come up with. Please let me know if i am missing anything.
i have probably packed way too much, but as i had a c-section with my first LO and was in hospital 3 weeks, and the chance of it happening again likely i have tried to prepare myself as much as possible as the nearest hospital is 1hr away.
For me:
. socks x 3
. Pjs x 1
. nightie x3
. slippers
. maternity jeans
. jogging bottoms
. 2 tops
. 4x disposable maternity knickers
. 4 pairs of normal cotton knickers
. toiletries - hairbrush, hair bobbles, hair clips, shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, flannel. comb, deodorant.
. carrier bags for dirty clothing
. compact mirror
. 2x maternity pads
For baby:
. body suit x4
. sleepsuit x4
. babyoutfits 2xtops 2xleggings 2xsocks . baby blanket
. 2x muslin cloths
. 1 baby coat
. 1pack of newborn nappies
. 1x babywipes
Things yet to pack :
. towels
. dressing gown
. bottles
. baby milk
. maternity bra's
. maternity notes
. mobile phone charger
. purse/money for hospital/parking
. breast pads
Please comment below if you can think of anything i have missed. thankyou.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Having a child free weekend.

All mummies need a break right? Unless your supermum that is... so I jumped at an opportunity that my mother would have my 5year old son from wednesday night untill the Sunday afternoon. my son also visited his dad during this time.

Some of you will say im extremely lucky and I feel it. Although I was working two of the days, I still managed to fit in two lie ins, a meal with the girls and a girls night in with dvds. Although I really enjoyed it I felt completly lost.

When I was walking into town without DS I felt awkward, I didnt feel confident and just generally lost. I wondered if I had become so stuck in mummy mode I didnt know what it was like to be me again? Or to walk around without a little hand to hold. I had lost all confidence in myself wothout having my DS as backup.

Does anyone else feel like this?
Im wondering if it's going to get worse now im expecting baby number 2? Whatever the reason for my strange anxiety I wouldnt be without my beautiful children.x